Only a Few Hours of Work Needed Monthly

Many DIY SEO programs need hours of attention to make them work, but not the Flagstone program. Thanks to automated and AI capabilities, the platform won’t need much input from you to work. The software will also show you how to best use your time on it. All these advantages mean that you only need to do actual work with Flagstone for less than four hours every month!

Don't have time to do this work? I'll do it for you for a nominal price.

Generate Actionable SEO Reports

From finding the right keywords to identifying quick fixes, the Flagstone DIY platform will guide you step-by-step as you create a bespoke SEO plan for your website.

Flagstone will track progress over time, so you can see exactly how the actions you’ve implemented have driven more traffic and customers over time.


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Ready to make your website more visible and generate more traffic? The Flagstone platform is the only tool you need to handle the SEO process on your own. 

With various features like keyword suggestions, easy-to-follow instructions, and access to SEO experts, this software will make it easy for you to rise to the top. Fill out our form now!

What Our Customers Say

Our latest Google Reviews showcase why we consistently receive a 5-star rating for the platform and service.


"I have not seen anything else in the market like this software. Truly amazing software!."

Joe Wade Scott

"I’m a day in but already super impressed. It’s broken down step by step in a way that makes sense. I was way overwhelmed & now feel relieved."

Kelsey Rising

"Great platform. Easy to use, would highly recommend!"

Demos Demetriou

"Really helpful and easy-to-use platform. Gives clear concise tasks to assist in improving SEO. Would definitely recommended!"

Dominic Richards

"Fantastic on-boarding, quick responses, and good product!"

Steve G

"I've been using for nearly a month now and it has taken a lot of the guesswork out of building and implementing an SEO strategy for my company. The user interface is very easy to use and makes it super easy to jump from task to task. I like that it has indefinite web crawls unlike other services that only offer a certain amount per month. Overall a great tool for any business owner!"

Denisse F.

"Great SEO for small to large business no need to hire someone when you can follow there recommendations. A+"

Shaun Judy

"Has been a great tool for our business, very useful and user friendly."

Santiago S.

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